Bridging the Gap

Developing a new, safe and groundbreaking vaccine requires time, patience, dedication and money. While innovation and initial research can be made in small scale, there is a point when additional resources are needed. This is how we can make your vaccine innovation flourish and become attractive to the big vaccine companies.

Mission Statement - Eurocine Vaccines has specialised on bridging the gap between innovation and market within the vaccine industry.

When presented to a new candidate we can rapidly assess its commercial potential. Senior Life Science Experts, supported by Legal and Financial Advisors, will evaluate your prospects for success by analyzing technology, trends, markets, competition, and potential industry partners for future commercialization.

Once a case is selected, we enter a collaboration that is favorable for both parties. From here and on, you can trust our commitment to move your candidate towards a modern vaccine in favor of humanity.

As a candidate in our portfolio, we immediately begin to inform investors about an upcoming opportunity as well as include it in our presentations when meeting with industry partners and colleagues.

Scientifically, the next step is an intense period of preparation, planning, and documentation – for the years of development to come. Laboratories and suppliers need to be contracted. Studies wisely designed for every step, such as further pre-clinical studies where needed. Legal and regulatory aspects to be considered as well as preparation for production and scalability (CMC).

With a thoroughly prepared plan we now secure funding for the journey ahead. As a listed company we have a variety of options to find the suitable investors to support the project. And, our progress is continuously communicated, why marketing is an essential part of our work.

While moving along the settled path, we now manage all aspects of clinical trials from project management and monitoring to data management and evaluation. A well designed and conducted study can answer many questions and lead future progress in the right direction. This saves both money and time. That is why we pay our utmost attention conducting this step, where dosage is carefully selected, safety and immunology thoroughly monitored as well as efficacy.

Parallel to this, we defend and expand our patents, prepare for scale up and build an attractive case, into which we invite partners and investors to participate.

Towards the end of the process, it is our ambition to select an ideal partner with whom we can conduct the large and costly Phase-III program and to whom we can license a well-documented and packaged opportunity of a commercially successful vaccine. The quality of our work ensures a smooth transfer and ease for our partner to finally commercialize the vaccine.

Throughout the journey we have considered all aspects necessary from a technical/life science as well as a business perspective. In parallel, we have managed and balanced limited resources and stretched our abilities to the very outmost to see your innovation come to fruition.

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