Our Story

Eurocine Vaccines’ journey began at Uppsala University, where researchers found that harmless natural fats could be used as an immune-boosting adjuvant, a perfect basis for modern and effective vaccines. Several candidates with market potential were evaluated and the choice fell on influenza. The year was 1999 and a company was built with the ambition of developing the world’s first nasal flu vaccine intended for children and elderly, a vision that would simplify and transform the vaccine industry. Prior to the listing in 2006, an experienced team, leading researchers and a competent board were therefore recruited.

Among these were the Nobel Foundation’s former secretary and expert on vaccines, Professor Alf Lindberg and Hans Arwidsson, with a long career in Life Science, as the company’s CEO. By 2018, Eurocine Vaccines had gained international recognition, and many were eagerly awaiting the results of the latest clinical study. By then, its dedicated team had already conducted a series of comprehensive pre-clinical and clinical studies with more than 400 subjects. In addition, important lessons, an extensive business network and valuable study data were accumulated.

Despite good safety data, the effects were too small to justify further development. The management and board therefore decided to close the project for commercial reasons. This was to protect investors and owners against further increased risks. At the same time, the well-known professor Emanuele Montomoli was linked closer to the company and the well merited Dr Pierre A Morgon was appointed chairman of the board. These difficult but necessary  decisions paved the way for a new strategy based on the company’s main values: the know-how and networks of vaccine development acquired over the years and the focus on carefully selected vaccine candidates, with or without an adjuvant.

Today, Eurocine Vaccines has thus become a pure development company, operating in the heart of the bio-scientific hub at the Karolinska Institute. We scout and gather drug candidates and support them in development from conceptualization to financing and commercialization, which includes design and execution of preclinical and clinical studies, contract and patent issues, extensive networks with established business contacts in Big Pharma as well as marketing to further extend the business network.

Through this portfolio strategy, more innovations are given the opportunity to reach the market faster, at the same time as the company’s investors are offered risk diversification with greater future leverage.

The company is managed by Hans Arwidsson, which ensures the company’s continuity.

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