Eurocine Vaccines is publically listed at Spotlight Stock Market XSAT, Sweden, with the ticker EUCI.

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Legal Advisor is Lindahl.

Sedermera is our Financial Advisor.

Patent and Intellectual Property (IP) advisors are Zacco and Potter Clarkson.

Exercise of warrants of series TO 4

The utilization period for warrants of series TO 4 runs from 14 to 28 March, inclusive. Owners of TO 4 has the right to subscribe one share for each warrant at the discounted price 1.41 SEK per share. Flerie Invest AB has committed to subscribe for their full holding of TO 4, corresponding to 11.4% of the warrant exercise. They have also entered a guarantee, committing to subscribe for 50% of the warrant exercise top-down, to the extent not subscribed by warrant owners.

Press release 11 March 2022 (Swedish)

Bäste investerare (Swedish)

Eurocine Vaccines Teaser 2022 (Swedish)

Anmälningssedel (Swedish)

Villkor TO 4

Dear investor (English)

Eurocine Vaccines Teaser (English)

Latest Presentation

CEO Dr. Hans Arwidsson presents at Aktieportföljen Live, 28 August 2021

Current Unit Issue, June 2021

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Exercise of warrants of series TO 4, March 2022 =>

Future Financial Reports

The Interim Report for July 2021 – March 2022 is planned to be available 20 May 2022.

The Full Year Report July 2021 – June 2022 is planned to be available 25 August 2022.

Existing Financial Reports

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