Eurocine Vaccines has completed dosing in phase I/II clinical study with nasal influenza vaccine candidate Immunose™ FLU

Eurocine Vaccines today announced that the last dose has been administered in the ongoing phase I/II clinical study of Immunose™ FLU, a quadrivalent influenza vaccine candidate. Immunose™ FLU is a novel nose drop formulation based on the company´s technology Endocine™ and inactivated split influenza antigens. Results from the study are expected around mid-2017.

“The study is conducted at two clinics in Sweden, and we are very pleased with the rapid enrollment,” said Dr. Marie Olliver, Director of Clinical Development.

“We now look forward to completing the trial, conducting all the analyses and compiling the results,” said Dr. Anna-Karin Maltais, Chief Scientific Officer.

Dr. Hans Arwidsson, Chief Executive Officer, added “This clinical study in adults is an important step on the path towards a better influenza vaccine for children.”

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