Eurocine Vaccines’ Director of Preclinical Development invited to lecture at UCL School of Pharmacy

Eurocine Vaccines (“Eurocine” or the “Company”) announces today that the Company’s Director of Preclinical Development, Dr. Karl Ljungberg, has lectured on DNA and RNA vaccines at one of the top ranked pharmacy schools in the UK.

On February 16, Dr. Karl Ljungberg, the Company’s Director of Preclinical Development, was invited by Dr. Martinez Bravo to lecture at University College London, UCL School of Pharmacy, one of the UK’s top-ranked pharmacy schools. As part of a course module in “Applications of Immunology: Immunotherapy, vaccines and diagnostic techniques", Dr. Karl Ljungberg was invited to lecture on DNA and RNA vaccines.

“I am truly honored to have been invited by Dr. Martinez Bravo to lecture about DNA and RNA Vaccines at such a prestigious university. It was a pleasure to share my expertise within the field of vaccinology with young and talented aspiring scientists, and I hope that maybe some of them were inspired to pursue a career in vaccine development”, says Dr. Karl Ljungberg, Director of Preclinical Development at Eurocine Vaccines.

“It is of course gratifying that our Director of Preclinical Development has been invited to lecture at such a highly ranked university as UCL School of Pharmacy as it clearly indicates that Eurocine Vaccines is at the forefront of vaccine development and that our in-house expertise is sought after in the academic world”, says CEO Hans Arwidsson.