Eurocine Vaccines outlines a strategic development plan for its newly added therapeutic HSV-2 vaccine candidate

Expanding its portfolio, Eurocine Vaccines adds considerable value by the new HSV-2 vaccine candidate, which holds significant market potential. Currently, Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2, HSV-2, is mainly treated with antiviral drugs, and there is no effective therapeutic vaccine on the market. Eurocine Vaccines has now outlined a strategic development plan. The HSV-2 project offers a series of possibilities regarding the choice of technology and the opportunity it may give to pursue the therapeutic vaccine candidate with a prophylactic candidate to follow. Important decisions are to be made in the coming year.

The recently added therapeutic vaccine candidate against HSV-2 is currently in a planning phase, where the decision on which technology to pursue – protein or mRNA, is the first important step. This evaluation is planned to be initiated third quarter of this year and conducted as pre-clinical studies in mice/guineapigs during autumn 2022 and spring 2023, enabling a decision mid-2023.

In parallel, work with documentation, patents and business development will be undertaken, including an early evaluation of a potential prophylactic vaccine candidate.

During autumn 2023, Eurocine Vaccines plans to select a CDMO partner and prepare for process development and production. The time required for process development will depend on the type of technology chosen. Still, preliminarily, toxicological studies are planned in 2025, in parallel with preparations and design of the forthcoming clinical studies, beginning in 2026.

– We are excited to add another potent vaccine candidate to our portfolio that holds promise to alleviate suffering and improve quality of life for millions of patients. The next few years will be intense, and we will work relentlessly to this end, says Karl Ljungberg, Director of Preclinical Development.

Also, the Chlamydia vaccine candidate is progressing, with an industrially scalable manufacturing process soon ready for producing study products for the toxicological study start, later this year. The important design of the Phase I clinical trial is ongoing.

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