Eurocine Vaccines prepares to evaluate two more vaccine candidates

As part of its portfolio strategy, Eurocine Vaccines is actively searching for new vaccine candidates to expand the portfolio. Of the currently ongoing discussions with different organizations, two have progressed to a point where experimental evaluations will be the next step.

Eurocine Vaccines´ strategy is based on developing a broad portfolio of vaccine candidates in different phases, giving more innovations the opportunity to reach the market for the benefit of humanity. At the same time, investors are offered risk diversification with greater future leverage.

Eurocine Vaccines is currently in discussions regarding two potential new vaccine candidates, approaching a point where material transfer will be possible, enabling Eurocine Vaccines to conduct confirmatory preclinical studies to verify expected results – an evaluation that is essential prior to adding any new candidate to the portfolio. Such studies are now prepared, one for each candidate.

“It is exciting times for us when both protein and mRNA-based vaccines may be combined in our portfolio, proving our thorough and broad experience”, says Dr Hans Arwidsson, CEO Eurocine Vaccines.